Terrorist Siege: Jonathan Should Act Or Resign

The StandPoint has twice in 2011 strongly condemned the tepid, indecisive response of President Jonathan to terrorist acts in the country. However the siege on the country has continued unabated. Even after the United States Government issued a warning to Americans in Nigeria on the eve of the latest attacks, the government was still caught by surprise.


In typical fashion, the responses to the Christmas day attacks by Nigeria's leaders have been remarkable only for their glibness and incompetence. National Security Adviser Gen Owoye Andrew Azazi (rtd) assured the nation with a straight face that the bombings were in response to "proactive measures" taken by security agencies against the Boko Haram sect. President Jonathan informed Nigerians that "the issue of bombing is one of the burdens we must live with." Apparently tragedy does not put brakes on the farce that has become our leadership. In addition to several other herculean burdens Nigerians are already living with, they must now calmly accept death by bombing as an inevitable package of being Nigerian.

It is now time to ask the Government of Goodluck Jonathan to either find immediate solutions to the scourge of sectarian and political violence, or concede to its incapability to respond to the emerging challenges facing the country, and resign.