A Mind Of Her Own Continued/ Edith Ohaja
The Story So Far
God used Didi, a civil servant and part-time evangelist, to lead Bridget to Christ a little over a year ago. Didi has been very supportive and now she's arranging for Bridget to marry Zion, a brother in their church. But Bridget wants none of that because of what she sees as Didi's overbearing attitude and when the latter insists, they have a blowup during a church vigil, Bridget declaring she has a mind of her own and implying that her mother in the Lord might be using charismatic witchcraft on her!
Enjoy the rest of the story and remain blessed.
The next day, Bridget was sleeping in because the vigil had ended about 6 a.m. However, a persistent rap on her door woke her up a little after 9 a.m. She came to open the door of the room she shared off campus with another student who had travelled for the weekend. While she was squinting because of the sunlight streaming in through the door, Didi pushed past her into the room.
        "Somebody needed to rise and shine!" she declared, turning to look at Bridget. "Zion made me promise to see you, now I've done that and I can leave". Bridget blocked her way and ventured, "Wait a minute! About yesterday, ..."
        "Yes, about yesterday, you called me a witch!"
        "I probably shouldn't have done that".
        "But you did and what worries me is that you are not the first person that has done so. Haters must hate but you know I'm not in any coven". 
        Bridget stretched and went to check the time on her phone. She was hoping Didi would leave so she could sleep some more but there didn't seem to be any chance of that, so she offered her breakfast. They had bread with sardines and a cocoa drink in silence. As they drained their mugs, Didi suddenly asked, "So why exactly did you call me a witch?" Bridget groaned and said, "I thought we were done with that". 
        "That's a terrible accusation that you made, young lady. God knows I've never sucked anybody's blood my whole life".
        "Mummy, see the way you lord it over me and others. Witchcraft is more than stirring cauldrons in covens, flying on brooms and sucking blood. When you use your spiritual power to terrorise people and have your way, you are just as guilty".
        "Terrorise is a strong word, you know? When did I ever terrorise anyone?"
        "I could give you lots of examples but just one will do. Remember how you got your present flat? You went there and proclaimed that you were ejecting the occupants, that they will know no peace till they pack out. Two weeks later, they did and you moved in. At the time, I joined you to celebrate, but looking back I think it's wrong to cast a spell on a family just to get something of theirs that you want".
        "That is called taking dominion. You are a baby Christian, later you will understand".
        "I'd rather remain a baby Christian than operate that way. I don't think we are supposed to think only of ourselves or use the power of God for our personal convenience. Jesus certainly didn't act like that".
        "You're missing the whole point ..."
        "No, you are the one missing the point. If you think that God approves of what you did, how come you've not had a single day of peace since you packed in there? You've quarreled with all the other tenants, the caretaker, the landlord; you have two police cases and one matter in court. You even have severe strife in your family now. Mummy, can't you see? The blessings of God make rich and He adds no sorrow with them. You brought all this on yourself by creating the wrong spiritual ambience before moving in there. You are now a victim of your own spell!".
        "The devil is fighting me because of the work I do for God", Didi protested as she stood up.
        "You don't honestly believe that, do you? I used to envy your courage and fighting spirit but now, I've seen that most of your battles would be quite unnecessary if you stop playing God unduly".
        "You're talking of courage, where did you get the nerve to talk to me like this?" Didi asked as she watched Bridget who was still seated in front of the reading table where they had just eaten.
        "I got it from the love of God in my heart for you. Sometimes, I even fear for your life. These things you are doing have serious consequences, if not in this life, then at the judgment seat of Christ. When you keep threatening or releasing death and disaster on people to get something or because you feel wronged, someday the chickens will come home to roost". She paused but sensing that Didi was willing to hear her out, she forged ahead. 
        "Jesus suffered hardship, he endured many offences. When his disciples wanted to destroy a Samaritan village that won't let them pass, he told them that wasn't the kind of spirit he had given them. Where is the fruit of patience when you can't wait to receive the blessings of God? You must take whatever you want now, now. And where is the meekness of Christ when people can't talk to you for fear you'll accuse them of insulting the anointing on your life? They only ask you to pray when they are having problems. Even some pastors are afraid that if they challenge you, you'll have them dismissed or close down their churches. You are a powerful evangelist, Mummy, but many of the things you do are not just in the spirit of the gospel". 
        Didi, who had been listening with rapt attention, seemed to have lost the strength in her legs and went to sit on the bed. She cupped her face in her hands for a while before looking up to address Bridget.
        "Earlier I told you that I came here because of a promise to Zion but that was not the whole truth. I couldn't sleep after the vigil and I knew I was supposed to see you. Now I know why. For some time, I've been having some bad dreams, you know, dreams of untimely death. All the while, I've been praying 'Back to sender' about them but something just hit me as you spoke now. Perhaps, I have neglected to search my life first before assuming the attack is coming from outside".
        "I was not prophesying or anything like that oh! You are an anointed woman of God and I love you so much. I can never forget what God has used you to do in my life. Please, in any way I've sounded disrespectful ..."
        "Hold on! It's like you don't understand what has just happened here. Even though I'm your mother in the Lord, God sent me to you to tell me something no one else will". She shook her head, paused and exhaled. Bridget, on her part, came and sat beside her on the bed and she continued.
        "All the while I thought you were rebellious, you know, refusing to imitate me in everything but now I thank God that you didn't. Because of that, God was able to use you to reach me. You can't believe the level of conviction* I am feeling right now. I need to thoroughly recalibrate my life. I know very well it's not something I can do overnight. This is the way I was discipled.* It's the way we carry on in the circles where I move. But I need to start somewhere. I'm going to spend the next one week in the presence of God. I beg you to stand in the gap for me* because I really need the mercy of God".
        "Mummy, I consider this a very great honour. I will gladly wait on the Lord* with you. And while we are doing that, I will pray about Brother Zion. I got some really good vibes when he talked with me last night but I want to confirm the Holy Ghost is okay with it before starting any relationship with him".
        "Praise God, I feel so relieved now", Didi exclaimed and stood up.
        "Me too", Bridget echoed as she joined her. Then they reached out simultaneously and held each other in a long embrace.
-The end-
*conviction here refers to the understanding that one is guilty
*discipled means trained
*stand in the gap for me means pray (intercede) for me
*To wait on the Lord is to skip some or all meals for a period and devote the time to prayer
Ⓒ  Edith Ugochi Ohaja  2015  (Facebook: /edithugochi.ohaja  Twitter: @EdithOhaja)