Because you’re the nethermost extremity

Though often clad in expensive vanity

You’re treated with condescending insensitivity

While minding your duties with unwavering alacrity

You bear the mounting weight of indulgent humanity

And the unrelenting brunt of environmental calamity

The worldly-wise call this stupidity

Little wonder we’re so bereft of equanimity

You’re the untiring metronome of our residual humanity

The only reason we can’t yet plead insanity

You enable, ennoble and often disable our fragility

By your generous offerings we sustain community

You nudge the prodigal to that serene abode of stability

By you, the simple are now endued with maturity

You were fashioned in the very bosom of geniality

You bear the indubitable imprimatur of sublime divinity

You’re my sure guarantor of blissful eternity

You succour me through the machinations of filial enmity

Upholding me when doubts are cast around my virility

With you, I forget the shame of absolute nudity

Now I’m filled with assurance of functional longevity

I’ve conquered the foreboding of impending senility

I live because you renew my ability

I see because your essence equates luminosity

You are my sole, my soul, and my sole

You’re the trinity that keeps me whole