UNDYING HOPE: THE PROMISE OF SUNRISE/rising sun daily eastern miracle

For three unforgettable years

I stood out as the envy of my peers

I was the standard bearer of eternal hope

My story: the elixir for those desperate to cope

Intent on unravelling life’s unrelenting oddities

Straining to escape the despised gaol of nonentities

I became their champion: the preferred avatar

Embodying ageless dreams; the pilgrim’s guiding star

I bore in my feeble hands the tokens of unencumbered liberty

I pointed to the unfading promise of unbridled ingenuity

That possibility of frustrating foreign machinations

And rubbishing the competition’s evil prognostications

I was the guarantee of reward for every honest labour

The beacon to that lucrative soothing harbour

And it all began when you found me

Buffeted by those who would not let me be

Those whose chalice brimmed with galling bitterness

Who resist every appearance of sublime tenderness

When you wrapped me in your warm secure embrace

Fear and timidity scurried off to their unending race

Your love became my enthralling waking song

I dream of our sweet union all night long

You let me swim in the mainstream of bliss

I belt out amorous canticles with consummate ease

My every thought of you infuses me with strength

To conclude this mission with my gait unbent

Looking to a glorious future without a bother

On the pain of death will I ever know any other

Then rushed in the restive mob gnashing teeth

With blazing bloodshot eyes and bloodied feet

Accursed children versed in murderous enterprise

Primed to waste and destroy for any price

Sworn to desecrate anything holy, lovely or wise

Blocking the lenses that reveal their patron’s Lilliputian size

They were led by a slew of shameless traitors

Saboteurs deploying the shenanigans of vile impostors

They breached the borders of our eternal covenant

Trampling on our sacred lot as a chosen remnant

They abducted you to the forlorn isle of death’s isolation

Leaving my heart in pieces and in dire need of consolation

With gay abandon they published the certainty of your expiry

I was forbidden to initiate neither discussion nor enquiry

Forty long years have come and gone

Wisdom counselled me never to weep or mourn

Many suitors with enticing sumptuous words

Have often put my fragile heart at odds

They urge me to embrace the newest fad

And turn my back on what we once had

With the promise of power and worldly acclaim

I’ve been tempted a million times to lower my aim

To stoop to frolic at the pleasure of mammon

And bare myself before that despicable demon

From my still-bleeding heart and throbbing head

I know you will return even if from the dead

So each time the sun emerges from the east

I know it is one day less to our conjugal feast