Buhari will leave Nigeria in pieces by 2023, says Buba Galadima/ Galadima

A national leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Buba Galadima, says President Muhammadu Buhari will leave Nigeria in pieces by the time he completes his tenure in 2023.

Galadima, a former ally of the president, spoke in an interview with PUNCH over the weekend where he examined the inefficiencies of the current administration.  

The elder statesman said the country has continued to gravitate towards disintegration, explaining that but for “internal contradictions”, Nigeria would have been divided.

Asked where he sees Nigeria in 2023 by the time Buhari is leaving office, Galadima said: “In pieces! That is the imagination of everybody! We are already in pieces; it is just that we have not disintegrated. It is difficult to divide Nigeria, not because it cannot be divided, but because of our own internal contradictions.

“If you say the South-West should form a country, of their own, I want to assure you that Lagos will object, Ekiti people will object. They will never go back to Ibadan. If you say let those who were part of the old Eastern Region go back, I want to assure you that the ordinary Efik man, the Oron, Ibibio, Anang, Kalabari, Ekwere, Ijaw man will never accept to go back as citizens of Biafra, the ordinary Ebonyi man will never agree to be part of an Eastern Region that will take them back to Enugu. These are our internal contradictions. How do you now define the North-Central?

“If you say we should form a country of the North-East, I will not go, I will take my people of Bade out, because we don’t belong. These are internal contradictions we can’t sort out. That is why we are better off remaining as Nigerians to make this country work. Let’s look for leaders who can do the job.”