Major Hamza Al-Mustapha theory during the Oputa Panel on the demise of his boss, General Sani Abacha, and later Moshood Abiola in such mysterious circumstances is something we cannot ignore. Up till date no one can ascertain how Abacha died. There was the popular version of the story that he died in the arms of an Indian prostitute after biting a contaminated apple she had given to him. That seemed convincing to the Nigerian press. It is the kind of story they would like to carry about a man who had muscled them all through his time, for commercial astuteness and vendetta. And with finality the press deliberately refused to push further to know the truth even after Major Hamza Al-Mustapha gave the clue during the Oputa Panel.
Mustapha claimed that whatever killed Abacha was the same thing that killed Abiola. Abiola slumped and died after drinking the tea served him by an American diplomat overseeing the peace talk between him and the Abdulsalami Abubakar's government a month after Abacha. Al-Mustapha made it clear that Abacha was fuming from the mouth before he died just like MKO Abiola.
Eye witness confirmed that Abiola's tea was not tasted before he was given the tea. As he was in the custody of the government the protocol was supposed to be someone must taste the tea before he drinks it. Perhaps Abiola and his advocate were confident that nothing was wrong with the tea since it was being served by an American diplomat. That was the last tea Abiola would ever taste.
From all indication it appears that both parties were tactically eliminated by a powerful force; an invisible sinister force that seems like something from an espionage novel or some Hollywood thriller. But then in reality Hollywood thriller and espionage novels are realities embellished.
For many years I have tried to conjure an image of what must have transpired during the last days of Abacha and a month after MKO Abiola passed on. I started from where Major Hamza Al-Mustapha stopped at the Oputa Panel.
Who would possibly want Abacha dead? Who had the capabilities of masterminding such a plan as poisoning the President without trace? I like the idea that it fits the CIA. But then why would the CIA want Abacha dead and MKO Abiola eliminated? Its simple.
The 20th Century was coming to a close and the US had planned the 21st Century. Nigeria with its oil was in its scheme of affairs and cannot be left out because Nigeria is so important to the US. The cold war might have ended to US advantages but then China is rising and roaring. For five year the junta headed by General Abacha was going the other way and fighting everything that was the USA. From bringing the rate of the US Dollars of N76 to N80 for a dollar to N20 for a dollar. Abacha went went as far as inviting Libyan President Ghadafi, one time US number one enemy in Africa, to his city of Kano to lambast the US and preach anti-US sermons to a large crowd being shown 'live' on state television. The US felt its interest being threatened by General Sani Abcha. And when the US interest is threatened anywhere on the globe the US goes extra miles to protect it.
In the case of MKO Abiola , the US wanted peace in Nigeria. Abiola was blowing fire and brimstone that he must be declared president. For peace to reign Abiola had to go too.
Jim Marrs, the author of the book 'RULE BY SECRECY' made it clear in his book that with the US there are no coincidences. the future is pre-planned and anything that poses as problem has to be analyse critically, if need be eliminated.
We may never find out the truth about the death of Abacha and Abiola just as the case of Princess Diana and JF Kennedy, but we cannot just let it pass because a foriegn power that can penetrate into our country and eliminate whoever it doesn't like must be discouraged, whether the individual is a dictator or a saint.That is why we need to ask questions and find answers where they are on how Abacha and Abiola were eliminated.